The mix of energy generation is forever changing. Let’s face it, coal fired energy generation is not the future. However, it will take time for Australia to transition away from coal. To do that we will rely on renewables, plus other fossil fuel generation such as gas engines and turbines for cogeneration and trigeneration systems. We will need to build smart generation systems that combine heat, power, cooling and storage for greater energy efficiency, energy management and business performance. 

Energy Generation projects

Evo Energy Turns Heat Green at WhiteWater World

Key Outcomes

  • Reduction in running costs by over 70% 

  • Reduction in carbon emissions by over 35%

Evo Energy installed the largest heat pump system in Australia, with a cutting-edge system upgrade at the popular tourist theme park, WhiteWater World, delivered unparalleled energy efficiencies and helped reduce carbon emissions.

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Evo Energy Helps Rivalea to Reduce Environmental Footprint with Custom-Built Biogas Generator

Key Outcomes

  • Generates around 25% of the site’s power per year
  • Offsets over 28,000 per annum tons of CO2 equivalent emissions from grid
  • Methane emissions avoided
  • Energy efficiency of up to 90%

Rivalea, one of Australia’s leading agri-food companies, partnered with Evo Energy minimise their environmental footprint and reduce energy consumption, with the installation of a custom-built biogas generator. 

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Cogeneration Heating Aquatic Centre

Key Outcomes
  • $111,000 per year in energy costs
  • 1,224 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per year (or the equivalent annual emissions of over 300 cars).
​​Project Summary

The Cardinia Life health and recreational facility was responsible for a largest portion of greenhouse gas emissions in the the Cardinia district (Victoria). Evo Energy Technologies provided a solution which included an update to the facilties while maximumising energy efficiency and achieving cost savings.

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On-site energy system saving $1M per year

Key outcomes

  • Cost saving of $1 million per annum
  • Received a $2 million Federal Government Grant
  • Project value $6.5M + $1.5M
  • Recipient of multiple awards

From feasibility to operation, ETS orchestrated the completion of one of the largest on-site energy systems of its kind at the iconic Bulla Dairy Foods Frozen Goods facility in Colac, Victoria.

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Converting heat waste into energy used for mine cooling

Key outcomes

  • Cost savings of $2.7 million per annum
  • Total project value $5.5 million
  • 18 month payback period
  • Saves 5000 tonnes of CO2 per annum

The ST Barbara mine in Leonora, Western Australia, had multiple gas generators which were producing heat waste. ETS were engaged to design and install an exhaust system which captures that waste heat and turns it into 5.6MW of additional capacity. The mine uses this additional capacity for its underground cooling system which means that traditional and much more expensive methods of expanding the cooling capacity were no longer required.

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Collins Square's Trigeneration Energy System by Optimal Group

Key Outcomes

  • 5 star NABERS efficiency rating

  • Best practice commercial green building design

  • $2 billion project, largest of its kind in Australia.

  • Use of Capstone Microturbine technology

When the Walker Corporation started planning the new Collins Square development they decided it should lead the way in best practice commercial building green design and efficiency.
The Optimal Group helped them achieve this, along with exceeding the 5 star NABERS rating. The cornerstone of this plan was a modern embedded trigeneration system where each of the 5 towers making up Collins Square could generate part of its own electrical demand using natural gas. 

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